Prevention is always better than cure

We all have a common goal: to keep your pet(s) happy and healthy all the time. To achieve this and prevent any health problems, we design a plan that suits your pet profile best. Ensuring balanced nutrition, keeping all the vaccinations up-to-date and performing routine check-ups are the key to successful pet care. Besides this, we offer upfront advice and share the best pet care procedures with you.

Choose from MyOwnVet’s full range of preventive services, carefully developed over many years of experience. We employ the technology and knowledge to detect early signs of disease before they become costly to treat, this way ensuring optimal chances of recovery.

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Preventative Care

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Regular Health Checks

Our routine examinations are designed for pets of any age to provide a health profile, identify the potential medical threats and design a plan to prevent these problems from arising.

During these sessions, we will ask questions about your pet’s routines, behaviour, exercise and appetite to conduct a thorough examination of the major organ systems.

This allows us to notice subtle changes that are warning signs of possible diseases.


Most of you know that pets can often develop parasites if they are not properly taken care of. From heartworm, hookworm, flea and ticks, they can cause major health problems to animals and their owners, too. Some parasites are easily treatable while others can be fatal.

Remember it is only through preventive measures that you can successfully protect your pet.

The cost of prevention is minimal compared to the cost of treatment, which can also be stressful for your pet.

Blood Tests

Blood tests represent an important diagnostic tool when performing a health check. They provide the necessary information about the health of your pet, such as the function of the body’s organs, the immune system and the presence or activity of any diseases.

It is recommended that blood tests are performed before anaesthetics, especially if a problem is suspected.

Ideally, a yearly screen for any developing conditions can help you monitor your pet’s health correctly.


A lost pet is every pet owner’s worst nightmare. Even with all the right precautions and protection, they can still be lost. Without a proper code to scan, they may never return home.

Therefore, microchipping is the best solution to this threat and is mandatory in all states of Australia (except the Northern Territory).

At MyOwnVet, we use reliable microchipping technology to help you protect your cat or dog and ensure they come back home safely.


Just like us, animals need regular and correct vaccinations. They do not only safeguard your pet from serious diseases like distemper, rabies or hepatitis, but they also minimize the risk of some illnesses that can be transmitted to humans.

Random vaccination during the early stages of your pet’s life is not enough to protect them for the rest of their lives.

For this reason, we review your pet’s medical file to create an appropriate vaccine program according to the age and health of your pet.