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When having a furry friend, we obviously want what’s best for them in respect to food, shelter and care. That is why ensuring a balanced diet is crucial for your pet’s health, vitality and well-being. While there are many healthy foods nowadays, not all of them are also suitable for your pet.

With extensive knowledge in pet nutrition, our experts at MyOwnVet will design a specific diet to suit your pet’s needs.

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importance of pet nutrition advice

The importance of pet nutrition: what does the ‘purrfect’ diet look like?

As a pet owner, you probably ask yourself: ‘What is the best diet for my pet? How much and how often should I feed them?’. As a rule of thumb, all pets need protein, carbohydrates (including fibre), fats, vitamins, minerals and water in their diet. Yet, the quantities and ingredients will vary from a pet to another.

That is why a correct diet depends on a variety of factors like:

  • Species/breed
  • Age group (puppy, adult or senior)
  • Size
  • Weight and whether they need to gain/lose weight
  • Lifestyle
  • Existing medical condition(s)
  • Special requirements (i.e. food intolerance, pregnancy, etc.)
  • Vitamin/mineral deficiencies

At MyOwnVet, we carefully analyse these details and provide personalised pet nutrition advice, so that your pet enjoys a happier, healthier and longer life.

Healthy pets are happy pets. Benefits of a correct pet diet

They say that good food means good mood. Now, who can argue with that?

Besides a general state of well-being, your pet will enjoy other benefits, such as:

  • increased mobility and fitness level (along with regular exercise)
  • healthy skin and shiny coat without dandruff
  • reduced odour
  • loss of body fat
  • better dental health, less tartar build-up and fresher breath
  • better digestion; a resistance to fleas and intestinal parasites
  • lower risk of disease (i.e. diabetes, cancer, UTI etc.)
  • increased life expectancy
benefits of correct pet diet

Get expert pet nutrition advice

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