What is a Pet Ultrasound?

A pet ultrasound is the second most common type of diagnostic imaging tool. It is used by our MyOwnVet veterinarians to diagnose a medical condition for your pet. Ultrasounds use sound-waves to examine and photograph internal tissues in real-time.
An ultrasound allows our veterinarian to see into a pet’s body in real-time. They also allow easy viewing of organs from different angles that are not easily achieved through x-rays.
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What is invoiced with an Ultrasound

An ultrasound is a painless procedure, there is little-to-zero discomfort during these examinations. In many cases, your pet’s hair may need to be shaved to allow for the best picture quality as ultrasounds are not transmitted through the air.
During the scan a water-based gel is applied is gently placed on the area that is to be examined, and a transducer probe is utilised. A sedative is not usually necessary; however, it may be used for pets that are unable to stay still.
In most cases, your pet will be to admitted to the vet clinic for the day. We ask that you bring your pet unfed of the morning of the scan on the off chance that your pet does need a sedative.
Many of the internal organs can be scanned including kidneys, bowel, bladder, spleen, liver, prostate, heart, and uterus.
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Reasons to get an Ultrasound

  • Diagnose problems earlier.
  • May lead to more successful treatment outcomes.
  • Painless and non-invasive
  • Quick procedure.
  • Can help diagnose a wide range of medical conditions.
  • be used to help young and healthy pets—not just for sick and old animals.

Finding the best way to treat your pet

At MyOwnVet we endeavour to find the cause of your pets discomfort. Contact us today if you wish to further discuss how an ultrasound can help your pet.