Some pet tips that may help give your pet a better life!

Walk your dog regularily

Make sure your dog is sufficiently walked outside, following government’s guidelines. When walking your dog, practice ‘social distancing’ with other people and animals.⁠

walk your dog
Keep your pets entertained pet tips

Keep your pets entertained!

It is important to take the time to interact with them as a means of providing physical activity and to keep them happy and healthy.

Encourage your cat to exercise

As cats age, they become less active than before. Thus, encourage your cat to exercise to maintain healthy body weight, stimulate their mind, and keep reflexes sharp.

normal for kittens to sleep about 15 to 20 hours a day

It's perfectly normal for kittens to sleep about 15 to 20 hours a day!

Remember that your kitten is doing a lot of growing and developing, which means that he or she will need plenty of sleep at night and daytime naps.

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Implement a dental routine while your puppy

It is important that you they get this done while they are young to avoid dental diseases in the future.

Choose the right dog

Choose the right dog to introduce to your home, and prepare children for their new puppy’s arrival to ensure that both are happy and safe.

choose the right dog
give your cat its own space

Give your independent cat its own space

Cats are independent creatures. So whilst they need our care and attention, they also highly value their own space.

Different breeds, different needs

Dogs come in every size, shape and personality. So do their health needs. Talk to us to find more

Read your cat’s body language

Read your cat’s body language

If your cat’s ears are facing forward and their eyes are round or squinting, they are likely to be calm and content. If they rub their head or tail against you, it’s a sign that they feel close to you, so you’d be welcome to return their affection.

Prevent or alleviate stress in cats

Ease a cat’s stress and anxiety by minimising their exposure to unpleasant circumstances.

How much exercise does a puppy need?

As a start point, however, consider your dog’s size and breed type. Smaller dogs tend to mature to adulthood at between 6 and 12 months old and therefore are able to tolerate increased levels of exercise at an earlier age.

Healthy portions are smaller than you think

Many pet owners think their cat needs more food than it really does. This means that many cats are overfed; not only can this cause weight gain, but may lead to other health issues.

Choose dog breeds that are good with children

It is a good idea to consider the general temperament of a breed, as well as its size and energy levels. If you have children with allergies you may also be looking for a hypo-allergenic breed.

choose a dog breed

MyOwnVet offer a full range of veterinary services to choose from

Free puppy and kitten health check

Health checkups are an essential part of owning any pet, At MyOwnVet we offer a first-time free health checkup for your puppy or kitten.
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Pet nutrition advice

With extensive knowledge in pet nutrition, our experts at MyOwnVet will design a specific diet to suit your pet’s needs.
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Preventive Care

Preventive Care

Benefit from MyOwnVet’s full range of preventive services, carefully developed from our extensive experience. We employ the technology and research to detect problems early, before they become costly to treat, to ensure optimal chances of recovery.
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Dental Care

Dental Care

Your pet’s teeth need to be looked after too, and the health of their teeth and gums has a significant impact on their quality of life. Call us today for a free dental check with one of our nurses.
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