Free puppy and kitten health check

Health checkups are an essential part of owning any pet, At MyOwnVet we offer a first-time free health checkup for your puppy or kitten. We provide you with all the information you will need for caring for your new family member.
Your first health check will include:
  • Examination for external and internal parasites
  • A comprehensive physical check-up.
  • What diseases are common with your pet
  • Discussing what vaccinations are available for your pet
  • Discussion about de-sexing your pet and at what age it is recommended.
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kitten on top of puppy
Puppy close up

How to care for your new pet

Young kittens and puppies are very energetic and curious about their new world. At this age its also important to let your new family member know that they are safe, showing them where they can find all they need like water and food.
It is important to let them become settled into their new environment, ensuring that kids know to handle your pet with care. Some things to look out for:
Make sure you are regularly checking on your pet’s eyes, mouth, ears, redness, loose teeth, discharge, or puffiness.
  • Make sure the sleeping area is warm and clean.
  • Groom your pet frequently to stay on top of any lumps or wounds. This will also keep their coat healthy.
  • Make sure you keep fresh water available.
  • Keep a regime of loving attention, exercise, and proper nutrition.

Giving your pet a helping step in life!

Your free puppy and kitten health check is essential in tailor making a detailed health plan to suit your pet’s needs. It also gives basic understanding of how to take care of your pet further at home.