What is a Hydrobath dog wash?

A Hydrobath dog wash is a closed-loop dog wash. This bathing system only uses 25 litres per dog wash, saving a lot of water compared to the usual backyard hose. The innovative filters clean the water and send it back through as clean water.
This sophisticated dog wash is also able to have water its water temperature set, helping prevent arthritis, and promoting better blood circulation. A Hydrobath is also designed to deeply penetrate your dog’s coat and onto their skin, where most problems occur.
At MyOwnVet, we only use environmentally friendly shampoo, we are also able to treat for ticks and fleas.
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Hydrobath dog wash

Why you should wash your dog

Washing your dog plays an important part of your dog’s regular pet care, keeping them happy and healthy. The benefits of bathing can include cleaning the skin and coat which helps remove loose hair, scale and debris. This helps with coat shine and may prevent some skin conditions that would otherwise arise from not washing your dog.
Specific dogs with skin conditions may need bathing to be a part of their medical treatment plan. How often a dog is bathed varies. It is essential that dogs only be washed when necessary.
A dog wash is only required when your dog has an unpleasant odour or when they have accumulated dirt and mud on their coat. Dogs that are bathed too often can have their skin and coat dried out which may cause problems.
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Giving your pet a Refreshing experience!

At MyOwnVet we will happily wash your dog for you, Whatever the reason, whether it’s fleas, ticks, dirt. Bring your dog in to experience a no fuss dog wash.