Your pet is our priority

At MyOwnVet, we always welcome you and your pet at our clinic for any problems and check-ups. But there are times when pet owners prefer house calls and we are happy to offer this service to our valuable clients.

There are various reasons you may want a home visit. Some pet owners have more than one pet and travelling to our clinic with all of them can be quite difficult. Others have limited mobility or simply prefer this service because their pets are agitated when leaving the house. Therefore, providing home treatment or check-ups in their own environment is the best solution in these cases.

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What is the cost of a home visit?

At MyOwnVet, we understand that paying us a visit to our clinic is not always possible. That is why we bring gentle veterinary care right at your doorstep.

Plus, for your comfort and convenience, home visits are available at no additional cost.
Because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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What services do we provide during a home visit?

At MyOwnVet, we never compromise on quality. If you want us to come and examine and your pet at home, rest assured you will both receive the same high standards of care you would expect in a clinic.

Moreover, you can enjoy our high-quality and professional services in your own terms. You will just have to book a home visit and we will bring the necessary tools and equipment, as well as our many years of experience in veterinary medicine.

Our experienced vets and nurses provide a wide range of services, such as:

  • vaccinations
  • blood draws for laboratory testing
  • wellness checks
  • other routine procedures.

It is our mission to make things as stress-free for you and your beloved animals as possible. So let your furry family members relax at home while they enjoy the best that modern veterinary medicine has to offer.