MyOwnVet is equipped with state of the art radiography machines. Our veterinarians will discuss your pet’s case and always conduct a physical examination to determine if a radiograph is right for your pet. They are a quintessential diagnostic tool for diseases, particularly for conditions involving bones, chest and the abdomen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my pet needs a radiograph?

Most of the time, your pet will only require a day admission for a radiograph. On that day, we advise that your pet be unfed so we have an optimal chance of good quality images and we might sedate your pet, if necessary.

Why does my pet need to be sedated for a radiograph?

It can be in your pet’s best interest to be sedated or anesthetised during the procedure for the comfort of your pet. Sometimes we require your pet to lie in less than normal positions. Most pets do not lie still enough to get the best quality radiographs for a sound diagnosis.