Preventive Care

We all have a common goal to keep your pets happy and healthy. To achieve this and prevent any health problems, we will together design a plan that includes balanced nutrition, keep all the vaccinations up-to-date and routine check-ups. In addition, we will help you to develop skills to detect any early signs of disease, before the problems should arise.

Benefit from MyOwnVet’s full range of preventive services, carefully developed from our extensive experience. We employ the technology and knowledge to detect problems early, before they become costly to treat, ensuring optimal chances of recovery.

Our wellness examinations are designed for pets of any age to provide a health profile, identify the medical problems most likely to occur and produce a plan to prevent these problems from arising.

During these sessions, we will ask questions about your pet’s routines, behaviour, exercise and appetite in order to conduct a thorough examination of the major organ systems. This gives us a chance to notice subtle changes that are warning signs of possible diseases.

Research had show that many pets hide signs of illness and only show limited symptoms. We want to detect these signs early and teach owners how to lookout for these signs as well.

Use our online booking system or call our office at 07 3277 6594 and our friendly staff will schedule your pet’s next routine exam!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is desexing good for my pet?

Few pet owners know that, in addition to no mating, desexing offers several other advantages, such as decreasing the chances of disease and tumours.

If you are considering this option and want to know more, please call and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Are vaccinations necessary?
As in humans, vaccination in animals completely changes according to the animal disease control management in the respective country. They do not only protect your pet from serious diseases like distemper, rabies or hepatitis, but they also take away the risk of some illnesses that can be transmitted to humans.

Vaccination during the early stages of your pet’s life is not enough to protect them for the entirety of their lives. Contact us regarding the regular vaccination your pet needs to successfully remain healthy and immune to these life threatening disease.

is flea prevention necessary?
Fleas are blood sucking parasites that cause a lot of trouble for many pets such as dogs, cats, ferrets and mice. They can then cause further problems by populating humans as well.

The problems they may cause range from minor to life threatening. Fleas may cause severe itching, allergies, irritations and may also transmit tapeworms and diseases to your pet.

Act quickly to get them out of your house!

is heartworm prevention necessary?

Most people know the problems that heartworms may cause to dogs, but few pet owners know that cats are also in danger of heartworms.

Treatment for heartworm infection is very expensive and the disease may also kill your pet. Fortunately, it is possible to administer monthly preventive heartworm medication. This also offers protection from other parasites like ticks, roundworms, ear mites, hookworms, whipworms and fleas.

why is ticks prevention necessary?

Ticks are becoming an increasing problem in Australia and can affect indoor pets as well.

They are not just a nuisance as ticks can cause many disease, potentially deadly, like Lyme disease, babesiosis and tick paralysis.

Early warning signs include coughing, joint pain, weakness or loss of appetite, trouble breathing and loss of coordination. Please contact us as soon as you notice any of these symptoms!

We also have preventive strategies for ticks that we can successfully administer to the pets in our care and we will be glad to talk to you about them.