Dental Care

An experienced pet owner knows how important preventive dental care is for their pet’s long term wellbeing.

Our dental care service helps prevent against the periodontal disease, which can lead to heart, lung and kidney diseases.

During our wellness visits, we provide oral examinations for your pets. For older pets we evaluate for any anomalies, periodontal disease, oral tumours or the accumulation of tartar. For kitten and puppies, we look for any sign of anomaly from to development of deciduous teeth (baby teeth).

MyOwnVet offers comprehensive dental services for your dog or cat, like dental extractions and oral surgery.

We are also proud to be able to work together with you, as a team and teach our valuable clients the best practices to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy and prevent future problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet require anesthesia for dental surgery?

We can identify tartar (build-up brown material on teeth) and gingivitis, (inflammation of the gums) on an awake patient. However, these conditions are often painful and our examination is therefore limited. Without a full examination, we can’t tell how severe the disease is underneath the tartar, whether bone loss around the roots of the teeth is present, and whether or not there’s infection at the tips of the roots. Unfortunately, these concerns can only be fully assessed in patients under general anaesthesia.

A complete oral examination can only be performed with the animal anaesthetised; excessive calculus deposits may need to be removed to aid in the more accurate measuring of pocket depths with a periodontal probe.

A comprehensive oral examination should be performed and will include periodontal probing; the use of special tests including intra-oral radiographs is highly recommended.

My pet’s breath smells, is it time for a dental check?

Yes, bad breath is one of the first signs of dental disease. Book an appointment today for a free dental check with one of our nurses.

Book your pet for a dental check-up now or call our office at 07 3277 6594 and our friendly staff will schedule your pet’s next dental exam!