5 misconceptions about dogs

Whenever dogs wag their tail they are happy.dog wagging his tail on the beach

Tail wagging is a form of communication for the dog to tell you how they feel. However, this is not just limited to happy emotions. The two most common reasons for a dog to wag its tail is either due to them being happy or nervous. Knowing what your dog is feeling is one of the best ways to strengthen the owner-dog relationship.


Whenever a dog’s nose is dry he is sick

You can’t judge a dog’s wellbeing simply by the hydration of their nose. Just like you can’t tell the wellbeing of a human simply by looking at the way the hair looks. It is much more important to look for obvious signs of sickness: swelling, continuously runny nose, vomiting or lack of appetite.


Letting my dog run around in our back yard is enough exercise.

Just like humans, dogs need physical and mental stimulation. Simply running will quickly bore your dog, and he won’t get much mental or physical stimulation. As such, the best way to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy is by going on walks and taking him out for exercise. This way your dog will be healthy and so will you.


Putting garlic in your dog’s food will get rid of worms.

There is no scientific proof that putting garlic in your dog’s food does much more than give him garlic breath. So if you’re trying to keep vampires out of your home; sure go ahead, but if you want to get rid of worms it’s not going to do much. Talk to our friendly vet nurses instead.

A few table scraps are OK for my dog

While your trash can or bin won’t fill as quickly, you could be feeding your dog harmful bones, high-fat content foods and even ingredients that are toxic to your dog. Cooked bones are especially known for splitting and splintering, and just imagine what those splinters could do to your dog’s internal organs. Other issues involve gastrointestinal problems and pancreatic concerns.

Table scraps are empty calories for dogs. They need precisely balanced nutrition for their specific life stage and special needs to stay healthy.

Do your dog a favour and stick to dog food and treats. If you want to reduce waste, try composting instead.

If your dog is not feeling well contact us on 3277 6594 or in case of emergency on 0459 315 307

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